Taghadoe Round Tower & Church, Kildare, Ireland

Roughly 5kms from Maynooth at Taghadoe, Co. Kildare stands this beautiful 8th Century Round Tower and Church dating from 1831. The Round Tower is the last remnant of a monastic settlement that may have been started by Saint Ultan (Saint Tua in Irish). Saint Tua was also known as Ultan The Silent due to his preference for silent prayer, he died in 770. The  tower is capless and reaches almost 20 metres in height. The area of Taghadoe probably derives from House of Tua or Teach Tua in Irish. The entrance doorway to the tower stands about 3.5 metres above ground level. The tower was used for almost 1000 years before being left in ruins by the end of the 18th century. The Church was built at the far later date of 1831 and at this time the base of the round tower was used for storage of coal and a doorway was inserted into the base of the tower (blocked up in 1886 when the tower became a national monument). The rectangular church has four very distinctive and beautiful octagonal turrets on each of its corners. The Church was only used for 40 years before being abandoned in 1871.

GPS: 53.35315, -6.61287

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