Baltinglass Abbey, Wicklow, Ireland

I tried to pay a visit to Baltinglass Abbey earlier this year but at the time a massive torrential downpour and no jacket prevented me from actually getting out of the car to scope it out, however I managed to make the trip down two weeks ago on a beautiful Sunday evening. Something that should be pointed out is that Baltinglass Abbey and its grounds are immaculately well kept, fair dues to the grounds man from the adjoining church. The Abbey was first founded by Diarmaid mac Murchadha King of Leinster in 1148, this was for Cistercian monks coming from Mellifont Abbey. The first stage of building was completed by 1170. The Abbey was in use for over 300 hundred years until its dissolution in 1536 during the reformation of Henry VIII. A protestant church was built within the abbey itself  in 1815 but was only in use until 1883.

GPS: 52.94367, -6.7105

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