Skreen Church, Meath, Ireland

The last few times heading westwards on the M3 I couldn’t help but notice this incredible imposing structure on Skreen Hill. Yesterday I finally paid  a visit to this majestic site.  The current tower and church here dates from the 14th/15th century but prior to this the site was home to a monastery. The first recorded mention of the monastery was in 875 when the shrine and relics of St Colmcille were brought here. The monastery was plundered several times during the late 10th to 12th century, during one invasion the shrine was taken, but it was later recovered in 1027. I cannot express how impressive the 30 metre tower is, from every angle it just dominates the landscape of the local area. The site has breathtaking views of the Meath countryside and the Hill of Tara. The church is surrounded by graves, dating from the 1500s to the present day, and a small medieval cross with a weathered engraving of the crucifixion sits in one corner of the walled site.

GPS: 53.58603, -6.56291

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