Leney Church & Graveyard, Westmeath, Ireland

No roadway leads up to this church, however if you hop a gate nearby its a short stroll up through the field to the old Leney Church. Built in 1817, the church and graveyard are now in a terrible state of neglect. The inside of the church is completely overgrown, but the pillars and remnants of the stained glass windows look haunting through the branches. The only reference I could find about the church comes from a book written in 1908 Leney was in very indifferent repair, a dirty earthen floor, the Communion table not railed in, no utensils.” (The Diocese of Meath by John Healy). At the altar the old handrails and bits of tile give a hint of how beautiful this place once was. Well worth a quick stop off on the road to Carrick On Shannon from Dublin. I must admit that the quality of these photos is not amazing and I hope to revisit the site in the spring, but the evening was closing in and rain hampered me a fair bit. 

GPS: 53.61201, -7.43431

9 thoughts on “Leney Church & Graveyard, Westmeath, Ireland

  1. I’m trying to find out the history of the Gaynor’s at Leney…where can I go?
    Jeremy Gaynor Adelaide Australia

  2. My gggrand parents worshiped here and baptized three of their children in this church. I can see the beauty through the faded paint and the stain glass windows. I wonder if John MaGee is buried in the graveyard?

  3. Jeremy,

    If, you contact a Peter Wallace in Leny, I am sure he can help. He is the local historian and has written books on the area.

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