Castleruddery Stone Circle, Wicklow, Ireland

Beautiful early evening light was the perfect backdrop for a visit to the unique Castleruddery Stone Circle. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that although the site is seen as a stone circle it is more correctly categorised as one of the rarest megalithic monuments, a henge or embanked enclosure. Constructed around 2500BC, the site consists of an earthen bank 30 metres in diameter lined on its interior with 29 standing stones and boulders. The south-east facing entrance is very easy to make out as it is flanked by two massive quartz stone boulders. The whole site is surrounded again by a 60 metre circular ditch only really visible from the air. Nearby the ruins of a 12th century Anglo-Norman Motte and possibly a Bailey has been discovered, showing the prominence this area held over thousands of years. This is probably due to the fact that the site is situated on a natural gentle slope overlooking the River Slaney 250 metres to the south.

GPS: 52.99141, -6.6367

4 thoughts on “Castleruddery Stone Circle, Wicklow, Ireland

    • The first place that I would recommend is just outside the heart of the city, but still in the city itself, there is a 10th century church tucked away at the end of a cul-de-sac
      There is an excellent ringfort in Grange in the county too.
      You could easily spend a whole day in Killmallock Abbey.

      Lough Gur itself is a tourist trap, it is jam packed with places of interest though you have to squeeze though the picnickers to find them. The road out there has plenty of interesting sites, including a wedge tomb.

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