St Tiedil Church, Laois, Ireland

The remains of this early medieval structure are in quite some state of dereliction and it was initially hard to find out any information about this church and graveyard. From what I have found out it seems like the building was used by the Church of Ireland up until the 17th century. Only the eastern gable end is remaining, with an arched doorway and a rectangular window above it. This church may have been erected as early as the 12th century as an old church in the ‘Newtown of Leys’ is mentioned in taxation documents from 1302-1306, they paid 12 marks tax if that’s any use to anyone! A couple of sources say the church is associated with St Tiedil.

Ruins of an old country house and some outbuildings stand in the land directly adjacent to the church, perhaps the house of a vicar or priest? Both of these sites are a stone throw from the Rock of Dunamaise.

GPS: 53.03561, -7.19673

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  1. In Griffiths Valuation of Ireland 1850, the Rev. James E Burton is owner of the graveyard, and has house/land leased from the Ecclesiastical Commission, so perhaps that’s who owned the big house.

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