Tully Burial Ground and Lehaunstown High Crosses, Dublin, Ireland

Well this is one interesting little hidden spot placed where it is between the M50 at Cabinteely and Dublin city. The reasons why a church was established here are easy to see with views over the entire city from the burial ground. The current church here appears to have been built in the late 12th century however there have been archaeological surveys that suggest a wooden or clay and wattle church may have predated the current stone structure. Some of the grave slabs in the church  predate the 12th century, also the two high crosses which stand nearby were erected before the church.

The ruins that remain are quite beautiful and ornate, with a wide Romanesque arch opening into the chancel, the nave itself appears to have disappeared over the centuries. The church was in use up until 1615 but fell into a state of disrepair in the years following due to storm damage, and was in a ruinous state by 1630. The graveyard surrounding the ruin is home to headstones dating up to the late 19th century.

One of the high crosses is about 30 metres down the road from the church, it was given a new home in the 1800s by a man named James Crehan who saved the cross from being discarded when the road level was being adjusted by placing the cross on a plinth. In a field adjacent to Crehan’s cross is another possibly older cross, with only three of the four arms remaining. I found a photo of this cross in the National Library of Ireland and have included it in my pictures,the picture dates from circa 1910 when it appears more than two thirds of the cross was submerged underground!

GPS: 53.24681, -6.15232

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  1. Have discovered this little Gem yesterday evening. Nice pictures!
    I’ve checked on Google Maps and saw that there is a megalithic tomb not far form this location. Does anyone have any ideas how to get to it?

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