Aghowle Church, Wicklow, Ireland

I had wanted to visit Aghowle Church & High Cross in south Wicklow for quite some time and was delighted to finally make my way there last Sunday near sunset. There is very little information about this church available, a monastic site was built here in the 6th century by St Finian but the remains of the church date from the 1100s. It was pictures of the beautiful early Romanesque doorway that brought me to this site but I wasn’t expecting the location to be so breathtaking and beautiful. A plain high cross stands beside the church also adding to the majesty of the place. The church was in use until 1716 until the nearby St Michael’s was built by the COI.

GPS: 52.76792, -6.62054

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  1. ive meant to go so many times to visit and have even driven past going somewhere else.great pics im definitely going soon.

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