Ardmulchan Church, Meath, Ireland

This old church ruin is beautifully situated elevated high above the banks of the Boyne river. The view across the Boyne and towards Dunmoe Castle is jawdropping but sadly the church is in a serious state of ruination. All that remains of this once 24 metre long church is the west end tower, this would have housed the bell when still in use. The ground floor of the tower is intact and in the roof are three holes for bell ropes. A broken uneven stairway leads up to all that remains of the second story. The church is dated at over 500 years old and mass was celebrated here as late as 1613. The hill of Ardmulchan is mentioned in the Annals of the Four Masters as being the site of a battle in 968 between Olaf Cuaran the King of Dublin and the O’Neills, the Norsemen were making their way back to Dublin after plundering Kells and were forced to battle on Ardmulchan hill by the O’Neills, the Dublin Norsemen were victorious. There are some unusual memorials in the graveyard including a trapezoidal coffin lid with an incredibly ornate cross. A visit to this site, only about 5 kilometres from Navan, is hugely recommended if even for the views alone.

GPS: 53.6735, -6.62693 

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