Kilgobbin Church and High Cross, Dublin, Ireland

I had driven past this site quite  a few times but never had taken a wander around inside the church as it is unfortunately situated right beside a massive townhouse complex, but in early March I decided to  visit. The main reason I went there was to see the Rathdown Slabs that are on the inner walls of the church, these are the viking burial stones similar but less decorative than those found at Rathmichael Church. It appears that the area surrounding the church may have been populated during pre-Norman times, and also later with the discovery nearby of remnants of Belarmine pottery from 15th & 16th century Germany.  Belarmine jugs were primary used for storing wine which may give us an indication that the area was prosperous. The stone church that stands in Kilgobbin was built in 1707 on the site of an earlier wooden church. When the graveyard was being extended during the early 1800s a three-armed 12th century high cross was found under the soil. This cross can be seen at the base of the site, erected upon what seems to be the remnants of an old ballaun stone. One side of the cross appears to depict a robed figure. The church fell into ruin during the 1820s when a larger church was built at Kiltiernan.

GPS: 53.2562, -6.21769

Its a strange experience visiting this church situated as it is in an estate, also sadly some idiots seem to vandalise and litter the site which can be very disheartening when visiting such a peaceful place.

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  1. A problem with urban sites like this is that ill-considered development has left them vulnerable to vandalism. More consideration needs to be given by planning authorities to existing structures when granting permission for new ones.

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