Aghnaskeagh Cairns and Portal Tomb, Louth, Ireland

Most of the sites I come across on my trips are in beautiful picturesque spots however the backdrop to the two excavated cairns at Aghnaskeagh seems to be the exception to this rule. There are two ways to approach the tombs and both involve passing through private property. I took the route across the fields as it seemed preferable than trying to gain access through the greenhouse and small packaging factory  that stand right beside the cairns. This did make photographing the tombs extra tough as no-one particularly wants a backdrop of greenhouses and broken down machines when viewing something as ancient as these tombs. The first cairn you come to is oval in shape- 17.5 by 11 metres – and in the middle of it stands the remains of an uncapped portal dolmen measuring 2.8 metres in height. When this cairn was excavated in the 1930s it was shown to contain Neolithic and Bronze Age pot shards, cremated bones and a blue glass bead, also to the west side of the cairn six bronze age cists containing cremated bones and food vessels were found. The second cairn is more round in shape. It contains four small burial champers, excavations revealed cremated bone, pot shards and flints. The four chambers are Neolithic but there is also a burial chamber dating to the early christian era in this cairn. 

GPS: 54.06109, -6.35798

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