Drumena Cashel, Down, Ireland

A beautiful sunny day marked my visit to Drumena Cashel, Co. Down. Drumena is a stone fort measuring 40 metres by 32 metres, with walls about 3 metres thick and 2.75 metres in height. Cashels were used from 600-1200AD and would have housed a farmhouse and outbuildings. The current structure was partially rebuilt during the 1920s and has a different entrance than the one that would have been in use during its occupied lifetime. As you enter the Cashel look eastwards and the farm gate which you see is thought to be the original entrance. The T-shaped Souterrain is an impressive underground structure with two entrances measuring about 15 metres in length. I would highly recommend a visit to this beautiful site as it stands scenically overlooking Lough Reavy, but a word of warning, use the googlemap I have linked on this site because sadly a lot of these structures are poorly signposted in Northern Ireland.

GPS: 54.23851, -5.98973

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  1. What an impressive place – you can certainly imagine feeling fairly well protected inside that structure. And fabulous pictures Ed, you should compile a calendar!

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