Clochafarmore Standing Stone, Louth, Ireland

Its funny the way searching for these old stones and ruins can go sometimes. Last year I spent hours trying to locate this culturally significant standing stone – the site of Cúchulainn’s death – without any luck, however last Friday I spotted the almost totally hidden road-sign pointing towards the stone as I happened to be driving by on an unrelated trip.

When it comes to Irish folklore this truly must be one of the most revered sites. According to legend Cúchulainn tied himself to the stone as he lay dying from his wounds after warding off the armies of Ulster under Lugaid single-handed. He wished to face his enemies in one final stand. Cúchulainn remained tied to the stone for three days as his enemies stayed at a safe distance out of fear, after three days Morrigan (the Celtic god of war and fertility) appeared as a raven and landed on him, this let his enemies know that the great Cúchulainn had died. A statue depicting the scene is housed in the GPO on O’Connell Street.

This beautiful standing stone is situated on slightly elevated ground about 100 metres from the main Louth to Dundalk road. The stone is 3 metres in height and around 1.3 metres in width, it is most certainly worth a visit.

GPS: 53.97454, -6.46589

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  1. Very interesting Ed, thank you. I know of course the famous statue in the GPO, but was unaware of this stone until just last week. Great to see your post on it now, thank you. Regards and respects – Arran.

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