Old Longwood Cemetery, Meath, Ireland

Recently on my way to Lisclogher Castle I spotted this beautiful little cemetery hidden behind bushes and surrounded by an old stone wall. It took me a long time to find out any information about this overgrown gem and unfortunately I had completely forgotten to mark its position on my roadmap! The cemetery is situated on raised ground and its uncultivated nature made it quite the treacherous visit. From what I have been able to ascertain the cemetery was Roman Catholic and established around 1725, the majority of the grave markers date from the 18th and 19th century.

GPS: 53.45532, -6.94085

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  1. This is KILGLASS GRAVEYARD on the Longwood-Killyon Road, just outside Longwood Village.
    Lieut. Thomas Allen, from nearby Hill-of-Down, the first man to fire a fatal shot in the seizure of The Four Courts in 1916 (He was also among the first to die there of his wounds) is buried here, suitably commemorated by a Celtic Cross maintained by the National Graves Association.

    Also buried there is the man who was a main (if not the main) inspiration for the founding of the Fenians, in 1858, Philip Gray. Gray died in 1857, before his work was complete, and was buried in Kilglass grave-yard. James Stephens, Fenian Head Centre, and Stephen’s Deputy, T.C. Luby, both attended and Luby made his first ‘faltering’ public speech here when delivering the oration at the grave-side.

    Gray’s grave is unknown and unmarked. He is, thankfully, commemorated in a detailed article in the Meath Archaeological and Historical Society’s publication, ‘Riocht na Midhe XII (2001) pps165-175,’ and on Wikipedia.

    Also, check out ONLINE the Official Archive of the Longwood-Killyon (LK) Parish Magazine, 1984 to 1993 – see the 1993 issue; Page 86 – to get an account of Gray’s life, and his funeral in this graveyard. All the issues are well-worth reading for local history and information.

    I understood that a name-plate was displayed on the roadside wall of this ancient and notable grave-yard.

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