Taghmon Church, Westmeath, Ireland

Taghmon Church (also known as St Munna’s) is a distinctive example of a fortified church from the late medieval period, though it is believed that the site predates this 15th century structure. St Munna founded a monastery here in the 7th century but little is known of its history. The church has some interesting and beautiful features, most notable in my opinion is the ‘Sheela-na-Gig’ that is situated above a window on the north wall. The church has an unusual appearance due to the large square keep to the west end that with the ‘parapet’ battle defense marking its top with distinguished Irish ‘Crenelations . It seems the builders and occupiers had good reason to fortify their church and protect their clergy as it had been previously plundered by Farrell Macgeoghegan in 1452. By 1587 the church had passed into the Nugent family before being almost ruined by 1622. The church is recorded as being in use again by 1755 and was restored extensively in 1843. It is now out of use and under state ownership.

GPS: 53.60106, -7.26701

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