Cunard Portal Tomb, Dublin, Ireland

It was already raining pretty heavily the afternoon I parked near Cunard Portal Tomb, though I hadn’t fully realised how boggy the trek down to the tomb was going to be! Cunard Portal Tomb does not appear on the current OSI maps and no pointers mark its location. I followed a small stream down the hill as I’d heard the tomb could be found next to it, this pleasant little stream is a tributary of the River Dodder which flows from the mountains down into the city. Its a real joy when the tomb’s 2.2 metre diamond-shaped capstone comes into view around 500 metres down the hill. Unfortunately the tomb is smaller than it would have been at the time of its construction as the portal stones have been removed and only three chamber stones remain. Despite this, Cunard Portal Tomb still looks quite remarkable standing 1.6 metres tall and overlooking the valley below it. 

GPS: 53.21808, -6.32845

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