Killadreenan Church, Wicklow, Ireland

The old church at Killadreenan was built in the latter part of the 12th century but was in all likelihood erected on the site of a previous wooden structure. The church is built on raised ground and surrounded by a ditch, this is a familiar trait of early churches built on pre-existing sites. The name Killadreenan is a loose translation of ‘The Church of the Thornfield’ and would have been a stop-off point on the pilgrim route to Glendalough. The Church is recorded as being in the possession of the Archbishop of Dublin Laurence O’ Toole in 1179, and appears to have been in use until at least the 17th century as a graveyard. All that remains of the church is the Nave and Chancel, with two small windows in the eastern and southern walls.

Beautiful Spruce trees droop down over the graveyard and help to make this ruin all the more striking, as the light passes through their branches it catches the engravings on the headstones. Killadreenan is certainly well worth a visit enroute to Glendalough.

GPS: 53.07809, -6.0963

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