Brennanstown Portal Tomb, Dublin, Ireland

As Spring has thankfully finally decided to kick into action it was nice to have a bit of sunshine when popping out to Brennanstown Portal Tomb (aka Glendruid Dolmen) today. Though a close distance from where I live I had never been to this site as I had always assumed it was right in the middle of someone’s back garden, this was not fully the case. Though on private land its quite some distance from the house and is accessible from the rear by passing through a forest and crossing a river. Brennanstown is a beautiful example of a Portal Tomb, the capstone is one of the most impressive and largest I’ve ever seen, being about 5 metres in diameter and weighing an estimated 45 tonnes. The tomb is aligned east-west and supported at the front by two large portal stones, this side is also where the capstone is at its widest wedge, being almost 2 metres in thickness. Due to the fact that this area is home to a few high crosses, old churches and megalithic structures we can ascertain that the area always held a strong spiritual significance. The Portal Tomb at Brennanstown is thought to showcase an early architectural leaning towards court tombs as there are two entrance stones to the rear of the dolmen forming a small court. It is a pity that at some point a small amount of concrete was used to support the capstone however that really does not take away from this breathtaking wonder.

GPS: 53.25382, -6.15873

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