Burnchurch Castle, Kilkenny, Ireland

Burnchurch Castle is a well-preserved 15th century tower-house built by the Fitzgerald family 7km from Kilkenny. The tower-house would have originally sat in the corner of a walled courtyard, the 12.5 metre tower beside the castle would have formed part of the walled defences. The tower-house was inaccessible on the day of my visit which is a pity as it has a large number of passages and narrow rooms which I would have loved to explore. Though many tower-houses would have utilised these secret passages, the six floors of Burnchurch Castle has a larger number of more complex hidden passages than most, for example the fourth floor houses a ‘secret room‘.
The castle stayed within the Fitzgerald family until Richard Fitzgerald lost their land to Colonel William Warden during the Cromwellian invasion, Richard and his family were ’transplanted’ to Connaught in 1654. Later the house passed into the hands of the Flood family through marriage, and was occupied until 1817.

GPS: 52.57589, -7.29726


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  1. A friend of mine, who lives in nearby Ballingarry, often passes this way. She tells how, on two occasions, she felt a sudden chill on passing the church at night. On mentioning it to a neighbour, they said that people had been massacred here during Cromwellian times and that it was haunted. The next time she passed that way, again at night, she made sure to turn the heating up to full before reaching Burnchurch. Once again, the car went deadly cold on passing the site. I have only passed that way by day and felt no such chill. Interesting anecdote, anyhow.

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