Srah Castle, Offaly, Ireland


Srah Castle is a beautiful example of a tower-house built with a heavy focus on strategy/defence. The castle was built in 1588 by John Briscoe, an Elizabethan Officer from Cumberland. The castle is striking due to being built in a considerably flat part of the country, measuring 60 metres in height, spanning four stories, the battlements only add to the imposing nature of the tower. The castle contains gun loops, bartizans and a machicolation above the entrance door. A machicolation is a gallery that projects out of the side of the castle from which boiling liquid and rocks could be directed at any foolhardy attackers. The castle was heavily damaged during the Cromwellian campaign around 1650, the ruins of an adjoining 17th century house stand to the North West of the castle.

GPS: 53.27604, -7.50914


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