Moylagh Church and Castle, Meath, Ireland

The moment I came across Moylagh Church and Castle the rain stopped and the clouds cleared, Its great when that happens, and despite a terrible road killing the last of my cars suspension it was a welcome unplanned stop! Both Moylagh Church and Castle are set on an interesting site which seems to have held significance for a long time before these two structures were erected. The sparse remains of the castle are built on a mound where originally a 12th century Motte and Bailey wooden structure would have stood. The stone castle was built in 15th century by the Barnwalls who had occupied the Motte and Bailey for over 300 years. Subsequently in 1470 a church and fortified tower were built on the hill opposite the castle by monks related to Fore Abbey. The tower was designed as a defence for the clergy against the frequent raids, the church remained in use until the late 1600s. The tower is surrounded by gravestones and a memorial to those who died in the Oldcastle Workhouse during the Great famine 1845-1851.

GPS: 53.72389, -7.17711

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