Kilmogue Portal Tomb, Kilkenny, Ireland

Over the years I have visited many megalithic sites and at times find myself lost for words to express the majesty and wonder these structures can instil in me, Kilmogue Portal Tomb certainly falls into that category. The dolmen is know locally as ‘Leac an Scáil’ (stone of the warrior) and is possibly the tallest in Ireland, in fact its hard to actually perceive its size from the photos I have included. The Portal Stones measure 3.6 metres in height with the capstone bringing its overall height to around 4 metres. The tomb is unusual in that it has two capstones, the larger one is tilted towards the portal stones and is supported underneath by another captstone resting on three smaller upright stones, if you look at the pictures its hard to imagine how this was engineered as neither capstone could stay upright without the other. I whole-heartedly recommend a visit to Kilmogue (also listed as Harristown) Dolmen, it really is a true wonder.

GPS: 52.40219, -7.26226


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