Ballycarbery Castle, Kerry, Ireland

Ballycarbery Castle is situated just outside Cahersiveen in County Kerry and can be seen from nearby Cahergal Stone Fort. Tradition attributes a fortification built on this site in the 14th century to Carbery O’Shea but the structure that occupies the site today is a 16th century castle built by the McCarthy Mórs. Its unknown whether the McCarthy Mórs actually lived in the castle, it may have been inhabited by the O’Connells, wardens to the McCarthy Mórs. During the 1590s the castle was granted to Sir Valentine Browne after the death of Daniel McCarthy More the Earl of Clancur. It appears the castles was taken back by the McCarthys some time during the early 17th century. The castle was heavily damaged in 1652 when Crowellian forces attacked it with cannons. In the 18th century a house was built attched to the bawn wall by the Lauder family, this was demolished in the early 1900s.

Though the castle is in ruins it is still quite a formidable structure, standing elevated overlooking a tidal estaury of the River Ferta. The entire back wall has crumbled and half of the defensive/bawn wall that would have surrounded the castle is long gone The caslte would have had four stories, with two staircases leading to the first floor. The second floor is not accessible anymore.

GPS: 51.94885, -10.2586

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  1. What a stunning building! The fact that there is so little of it left standing only adds to its grandeur, somehow. It must be very imposing in the landscape.

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