Leacanabuile Stone Fort, Kerry, Ireland

Leacanabuile Stone Fort is a fine example of a 9th/10th century cashel and would have served as a protected farmstead of a wealthy landowner. Leacanabuile comes from the Irish ‘Leaca na Buaile’ meaning ‘The slope of the Booley’ (Summer cow-pasture). This fine reconstructed stone fort stands only a few hundred metres away from Cahergal Cashel. The circular wall that protects the dwellings inside is 3 metres in thickness, steps are built into this wallso it can be used as a lookout over the local terrain. The fort is entered from the east, away from the prevailing winds, and contains a round house attached to a rectangular house of a later construction. The round house contains a souterrain (an underground passage) which leads to an opening in the enclosing wall. A covered drain leads from the rectangular house to the fort entrance. Two other stone buildings of a later date were built against the wall of the fort. During excavations in the 1930s iron knives, pins and bone hair-combs, and mill-stones for grinding wheat were among some of the objects found.

GPS: 51.95822, -10.26189

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