Broadleas Stone Circle, Kildare, Ireland

I had visited Broadleas Stone Circle twice prior to the trip documented in these pictures and have always found it to be a beautiful and welcoming place. This Neolithic stone circle stands on a slightly elevated mound and measures over 30 metres in diameter. Today 27 boulders remain, however it is believed that the figure would have been closer to  47 or 48 when the circle was first built. The elevated platform also contains Ash, Holly and Hawthorn trees, all of which had a spiritual significance in Ancient Ireland, the Holly tree has grown out of a split in one of the boulders which only adds to the curious otherworldly feel of Broadleas. There is a local legend that each time a person walks around the stones and tries to count their number they will get a different total, however this is probably moreso to do with the amount of split stones, or the overgrowth rather than a trick played by the Good People! Another legend states that a Whitethorn once grew at the centre of the circle but locals refused to remove it until it fell and died naturally. According to the National Monuments Service another stone circle once stood 830metres to the Southwest of Broadleas, in the townland of Whiteleas but sadly this has been destroyed.

GPS: 53.11092, -6.61206

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