Woodlands Church, Wicklow, Ireland

Woodlands Church, also known as St Mary’s Church at Downsmill, is situated overlooking the Glen of the Downs in Co. Wicklow. Some sources state the church dates from the 11th century but as information on this particular church is scant we cannot be sure. What we do know is that this is a typical nave and chancel church, with the bell-cote in the west end. The doorway has two bevelled granite jambs but the archway has not survived. The east end wall has an arched window with the south and north having small opposing flat arch windows. This church was restored in 1906 and the small font inside the door set into place at that time. I have no further details about this beautiful little church, but would thoroughly recommend visiting it while passing through the Glen of the Downs.

GPS: 53.1297, -6.11065


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