Knickeen Ogham Stone, Wicklow, Ireland

Knickeen Ogham Stone is situated in the beautiful Glen of Imaal, one of my favourite parts of Wicklow. This stone has in its time been referred to as a long stone, a standing stone, and an Ogham Stone. It has been dated to around 400-550AD with Ogham writing on the North Eastwards facing corner. The stone appears to say ‘MAQI NILI’, which translates as ‘Of the son of Neill/Niall”. The stone is 2.5 metres in height and tapers out from a base width of 1 metre to 2 metres at the top. By the way this stone is situated right beside the Irish Military range so don’t be alarmed if you hear some shooting!

GPS: 52.99584, -6.53773

4 thoughts on “Knickeen Ogham Stone, Wicklow, Ireland

  1. The ogham is difficult enough to see when you’re there so it’s a wonderful bit of photography you’ve done, showing the inscription

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