Tankardstown Standing Stone, Carlow, Ireland

Tankardstown Standing Stone, also known as ‘Molly’s Cross Stone’, is situated close to the Wicklow/Carlow border. This granite pillar stone is two metres in height and is aligned East-West. The stone is just under a metre wide, making it appear almost slab-like though it does taper towards the top. There are five small grooves on the upper half of the west face of the stone. I have been unable to find anything in regards to folk customs or legends ascribed to this stone.

GPS: 52.83922, -6.70968

3 thoughts on “Tankardstown Standing Stone, Carlow, Ireland

  1. How mysterious! I’m sure there once was, but it has probably died with the local population. How sad. We are in fear of not only losing our ancient monuments as they crumble, no program of maintenance in place to preserve them, but losing all our knowledge of them too. It’s all part of our heritage, but so few seem to care.

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