Knappogue Standing Stones, Clare, Ireland

As so often happens in Ireland, the spelling of the area Knappogue and the description of the monuments there are not fully clear and are open to some discussion! These standing stones, located in a field beside the gatehouse of Knappogue Castle, are usually described as a three standing stone triangle with a fourth lying about 200 metres away. The stones are unusual looking, due to the bumps and cavities in the rock, they measure on average about 1.8 metres in height. The relatively small area of Knappogue has several prehistoric sites and one could reckon the area was of some importance. One school of thought suggests that the outer stone and the three triangle stones were originally part of a 20 metre wide avenue, over 200 metres in length, however I am unaware of any excavation of the site. Knappogue is also home to at least another standing stone, two wedge tombs, a stone row and of course the illustrious castle.

GPS: 52.79572, -8.82747

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