Gleninsheen Wedge Tomb, Clare, Ireland

The Gleninsheen Wedge Tomb is situated in the heart of the Burren, Co. Clare. The Burren is densely populated with megalithic sites and particularly wedge tombs, 75 of the 400 wedge tombs in the whole of Ireland are located amongst this karst landscape. The wedge tomb at Gleninsheen dates from around 2,500 BC, though archaeological finds in the area and the close proximity of another two tombs would suggest Gleninsheen was home to a community for thousands of years. One of the most superb finds at Gleninsheen was the Gleninsheen Gorget or Collar which was found nearby, one of only eight in existence, an iconic artefact which is now housed in the National Museum in Dublin. The collar, dating from 700BC, measures 31cm in width and is a crescent of beaten gold that would have been worn around the neck. The wedge tomb measures 2 metres in length, 1.3m in height, and is aligned east-west, opening at the eastern end.

GPS: 53.0648, -9.14976

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