Gaulstown Portal Tomb, Waterford, Ireland

Gaulstown Portal Tomb is situated in the most serene shaded clearing at the base of a steep hill known locally as Cnoc na Cailligh (The Hill of the Hag). The tomb dates from around 3500BC and faces south east, with its two portal stones facing into the hill. The two portal stones are around 2.5 metres in height, there is also a door stone and three other upright stones. The stones support a monumental six ton capstone measuring 4.2metres in length, 2.5metres wide and up to 1 metre deep. The entrance to the tomb is aligned with the nearby Knockeen Portal Tomb. Nearby a cist grave dating from the Bronze Age suggest that Gaulstown was a site of significance over a extensive period of time, it is likely that the structure was once enclosed by a mound or cairn.

I thoroughly recommend a visit to Gaulstown Portal Tomb, the glade it is situated in is a peaceful haven, and despite the structure having had some concrete laid at its base it still is a truly breathtaking monument. It should be mentioned that the tomb is situated about 100 metres past a large gateway and lane that leads to a private home however the owners have kindly left a break in the stone wall so that people can visit Gaulstown.

GPS: 52.20591, -7.21051

4 thoughts on “Gaulstown Portal Tomb, Waterford, Ireland

  1. I love when landowners are kind and considerate towards visitors interested in experiencing ancient monuments on their land. I wish more were like this… fair play to them. Enjoyed your post and fabulous photos! (As always! 😊)

  2. I’ve never visited this site before; the photos are brilliant, especially the interior shots; looks almost comfortable, if that’s the right word. Great post.

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