Robinstown Great Stone Circle, Wexford, Ireland

Robinstown Great Stone Circle is situated on a hillock near New Ross in County Wexford, and it is a curious stone circle for a number of reasons. Firstly as one looks at the circle, there are at least seven visible stones however only four of these make up the circle, which is in fact a rectangle! The four main stones that make up this monument are positioned at right angles to each other, this is known as a ‘four poster’ monument, quite rare in Ireland. What makes this ‘circle’ all the more interesting are the two outlier stones to its North and the intriguing quartz stone that almost sits inside the ‘four-posters’. I have seen these north outliers referred to as a ‘ritual altar’ but I am unsure where that train of thought stems from. There has been very little investigation of this site to my knowledge but it certainly is worth a visit.

If visiting one should keep in mind that its private property, best to park at the end of the driveway and then check in to the farmhouse before the stones. The woman we spoke to was absolutely lovely and it was no bother at all to point us in the general direction of the stones, a couple of fields over from the farmhouse.

GPS: 52.40745, -6.80976

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