Mullagh Church, Louth, Ireland

The late medieval ruins of Mullagh Church stand picturesquely on a small stony hill overlooking Clogherhead bay in County Louth. The village was once known as Clogher and before that in the 19th century Killclogher, which derived from the Irish ‘Cill Chlochair, ‘Church of the Stony Place’. Clogherhead bay must have always held a position of strategic importance, the ruins of a Norman motte-and-bailey adjacent to the church is evidence of this. There is very little information about the church at Mullagh, however it is rumoured that it was built on the site of a pre-existing 6th century Monastery built by St Nectan, the nephew of St. Patrick, its significance is also attested to in the Schools Collection also when Mullagh Church is described as ‘a branch church of Clonmacnoise’.

GPS: 53.79316, -6.23714

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