Annaghmore Portal Tomb, Leitrim, Ireland

Annaghmore Portal Tomb is situated on a gentle west facing slope, at the side of a small back-road in Leitrim. The Portal Tomb used to stand on the dividing line between two fields but thankfully space has been cleared around it, now it stands in its own fenced area under a tall tree. The tomb faces east and consists of two portal stones supporting a large capstone measuring 2.2 metres by 2 metres, and half a metre in depth. The capstone has an unusual lumpy surface that adds to the appearance of antiquity of the tomb. The unusual stepped shape of the capstone meant that the portal stones had to be differing heights, and certainly helps to illustrate the ingenuity of the tomb builders. The inner chamber measures 2.4 metres by 1.2 metres.

GPS: 53.88222, -7.78694

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