Parknabinnia Wedge Tomb, Clare, Ireland

This wedge tomb at Parknabinnia is one of four tombs in the vicinity of Roughan Hill, however in my opinion this is the by far the most striking. This wedge tomb is built in the box style, popular in the Burren, a single large roof stone covers the tomb measuring over 3 metres in length. Stones that surround the tomb are remnants of a cairn that would have enclosed the entire site at one point in antiquity. Two long side stones keep the structure upright, one end of the tomb is closed, while the other end has a small opening in one corner, this has been referred to as a ‘spirit-entrance’. From what I have seen over the years these I believe these openings serve as access for leaving gifts within the tomb.

T J Westropp who wrote about the site in 1905 stated that Parknabinnia Tomb, “for many nights sheltered a well know escaped prisoner, whose subsequent surrender occasioned no little interest at a recent assize” (criminal court). The tomb was inspected in 1999 and worked flints, fragments of human bone and a small pottery shard were found, after this inspection large flat stones were brought in to protect the remains of the tomb.

GPS: 52.98815, -9.09549

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