Cong Church, Mayo, Ireland

Across the road from the beautiful Cong Abbey stands the former Church of Ireland church of Cong, Co. Mayo. It is a classic ‘Board of First Fruits’ style structure, who funded a large amount of Protestant Churches throughout Ireland in the 18th century and the first half of the 19th. Lewis’ Topographical Dictionary of Ireland tells us that the Church was built in 1811 after receiving a loan of £640 from the board. There is some evidence that the church actually retained some of the features of an early church from 1745, that was recorded as being in ‘bad repair’ by the Vestry Minute Book; Ecclesiastical Reports from 1807. This single cell church is home to a striking tower with crow stepped battlemented parapet. The windows and doorways are pointed and gothic in style. The church was closed in 1865 and fell into ruin by 1894.

GPS: 53.5403, -9.28648

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  1. So many ruined churches like this around the country. I wonder why so many were abandoned? This one isn’t even so old, yet how quickly they decay. Happy 2017 to you! Is there anywhere left in Ireland for you to visit this year? 😁😂😄

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