Drumgollagh Court Tomb, Mayo, Ireland

Drumgollagh Court Tomb is situated on the western side of a long ridge a mile north east of Cleggan in Mayo, and though it seems almost inconspicuous when one arrives at the site it is actually one of the largest Court Tombs in Ireland. The tomb is orientated NNW-SSE and consists of a long gallery measure 8 metres in length. It is divided into three separate chambers and an quite ruinous entrance court 3 metres in diameter. The first chamber is guarded by two large orthostats, 2 metres in height and is lined by two side stones. The second chamber has thinner orthostats and a full width stone at its rear blocking access to the final chamber. The final chamber is the only one that is roofed and some feint cup marks and rock art appear to have been carved into the stone, this is the largest chamber. The tomb would have been enveloped in a large cairn and remnants of this survive on its north, east and south sides. At one point in the last century it was actually converted into a calf shed when a gabled roof of sods and rough thatch were placed across the orthostats, thankfully this has now been removed.

GPS: 53.97905, -9.83197

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