Cahermore Stone Fort, Clare, Ireland

Cahermore, from ‘An Chathair Mhór’ (Big Stone Fort), is a medieval fort that although ruinous still dominates the surrounding karst landscape of the Burren. Cahermore was the defended farmstead  of a wealthy Burren landowner. The fort is roughly fifty metres in diameter, with walls 3 metres in height and depth. The entrance lintel and the buildings just inside its entrance date from the late medieval period, 14th or 15th century. I have seen the inner buildings described as both livestock pens and guard chambers depending on the source. Surrounding the Caher itself is another circular wall about 121 metres in diameter which is believed to have been built at a later date. Limited excavation was carried out at the site when the lintel stone fell down in the late 1990s, a coin from 1690 was found. Also a scallop shell excavated from below the foundations was carbon dated to around 1300.

GPS: 53.08538, -9.16452

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