Whitechurch Church, Waterford, Ireland

Whitechurch Church is a classic ‘Board of First Fruit’s Church of Ireland construction, erected in 1831 with a grant of £600. The board was established in 1711 by Queen Anne to build and improve churches and glebe houses in Ireland, it was funded by locally enforced tithe systems. The board established a remarkable quantity of churches during its 120 year existence. During its busiest period following the Act of Union of 1800 the board built 550 glebe houses and were involved in the building, rebuilding or enlarging of 697 churches, all within a twenty year period. Whitechurch is an archetypal example of a first fruits church, a detached three-bay double height single cell church with three stage entrance tower. It appears the church was in use until 1927 when the Church of Ireland community dwindled following the establishment of the Irish Free State. The overgrown graveyard contains headstones dating from 1700 to 1950.

GPS: 52.10937, -7.7487


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