King’s Mountain Decorated Stone, Meath, Ireland

The beautiful 2.5m tall decorated stone at King’s Mountain is not an actual standing stone but a lintel stone that would have supported the roof of a pre-existing passage tomb at this site. EA Conwell who visited King’s Mountain wrote in 1872, “On its present site up to a few years ago, stood a tumulus, which the proprietor of the field caused to be carried away for top-dressing; and in the centre of the mound this stone was found, covering in a chamber formed of smaller flagstones and filled with bones, all of which have disappeared, the covering stone alone excepted.” Although that is a very tragic end to a beautiful site at least this stone with its beautiful spirals can stand as a testament to its memory. I’d wholly recommend a visit to King’s Mountain, however do not drive down the grassy farm road that leads to the field where the stone is located, park on the main road.

GPS: 53.76141, -7.04057

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