Cloghanmore Court Tomb, Donegal, Ireland

Cloghanmore Court Tomb could date from as early as 3500BC but was lost for aeons, and it may never have been uncovered, buried beneath the boggy soil that built up around it until it was exposed by peat workers in the mid 19th century. As with many of these sites it was initially used as a stone quarry by road builders however it was saved by the board of works in 1886, restoring and reconstructing it. The tomb is 40 metres long with the oval court at its centre almost 14 metres at its widest point. It is orientated east to west, and looking southeast from the tomb the is the tip of Lergadaghtan Mountain, some people suggest an alignment for the winter solstice. . There are parallel twin galleries on either side of the entrance, and two western galleries divided into two chambers, one with a large capstone. Apparently some of the stones are faintly decorated with engravings but I couldn’t spot these on the day of my visit, a beautiful site.

GPS: 54.68917, -8.74656

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