St Patrick’s Church, Kildare, Ireland

St Patrick’s Church in Straffan, Kildare is a ruined medieval church dating from the 13th century. The church and its vicarage was incorporated into the Hospital of St John outside Newgate, Dublin around 1250AD, this piece of information means that many believe the church may actually predate the 1200s. The vicarage fell into ruin sometime at the end of the 14th century but was restored by Archbishop Allen in 1531 ‘with much labour and expense’. The church and chancel again fell into disrepair and in 1630 it was described as such, ‘the body of the church is ruinous; the chancel is well covered, but wants glassinge and necessary ornaments’. A four-storied fortified tower is attached to the western end of the church, with a twin bell-cote on top, this structure is almost completely covered in ivy. The church has the remains of three beautiful ornate Gothic windows, and comprises of a nave and chancel which are divided by a wall containing a now blocked up arched opening. Very little is known of the clergy that were attached to St Patrick’s and sadly considering its state of ruin very little of its physical structure may be left standing in another fifty years time.

GPS:  53.31141, -6.61061

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