Dun Eochla, Inishmore, Galway, Ireland

Dun Eochla is a breathtaking stone fort situated at the highest point on Inishmore, the largest of the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland. The fort dates from between 550-800AD and would have served as the dwelling place for an extended family and their livestock. The name Dun Eochla is taken from Eochaill (the area in which the fort stands) meaning ‘Yew wood‘. The fort is very well defended with two defensive walls, the inner circular wall measures 5 metres in height and over 3 metres in depth, it has two internal terraces with steps up to each level. The outer walls are far lower and not as thick however it is hard to visualise how it may have looked during her lifetime of the cashel/fort. It is believed that the stones that sit inside the fort maybe the ruins of an oval house. Dun Eochla was extensively repaired in the 19th century. Its really is a staggeringly beautiful ruin, however I do wish visitors would realise that it’s a particularly fragile structure and the walls aren’t meant to be climbed.

GPS: 53.12711, -9.69981

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