Ardamore Standing Stone, Kerry, Ireland

Ardamore Standing Stone is a colossal monument set sixty metres to the northeast of a stone row in the Lispole Valley on the Dingle Peninsula. The stone is almost 3 metres in height and 2 metres in width. Its northwest face is decorated with rock art. Though it is hard to make out, the upper half of the stone has at least three circles and two cupmarks, the base of the stone bears seven cupmarks and a variety of incised lines or grooves. Its proximity to the stone row does suggest it is an outlier stone related to this monument, however a larger complex than this could have existed as a boulder burial of three upright stones with one roofstone was removed to make way for the farm track that can be seen in the images. Though the Arda Mór area is now sparsely populated the seven raths/ring forts, two standing stones, stone row and a variety of enclosures surely evidence the larger population that existed here at some stage in times past. A link to my previous post on the stone row can be found here.

GPS: 52.13313, -10.15821

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