Clonea-Power Castle, Waterford, Ireland

Clonea-Power Castle is a striking ruin situated between the River Clodagh and Croughaun Hill in county Waterford. Much of the history of this castle is sparse and confusing as there was another ‘Clonea Castle’ nearby. What remains of the structure itself is its fine keep, 60 metres in height with only the north and east walls remaining. This keep would have housed 6 floors, 2 of which are vaulted. It is believed by most that it is a 16th century construction however if this is the case it did not last long as the Civil Survey of 1654 list it as, ‘Clonea, owned by J. Lord Power, has a castle much out of repair and has not been lived in this long time’. Furthermore in the Down Survey of 1657 it is described as, ‘a castle and some cabins’, which doesn’t indicate clearly to us whether it was lived in after this date. The remains of the castle and its lands were leased by James Wall of Coolnamuck in 1697, he died in 1720 and the property passed to his son also named James. James was a poor business man and had to mortgage to property to a John Kelly of Waterford for £700, however James’ son, yet again named James redeemed the property. James Kelly had no son on his death so the castle passed to his daughter Jane who married a George Morris of Waterford. In 1812 the property passed from Gorge to his son Benjamin Morris-Wall, Benjamin was three times mayor of Waterford but a poor business man and the castle and its estate compromised of 1600 acres was sold in the Encumbered Estates Court (1850). The property was brought by a Theophilius D. La Touche. It is believed that a bad storm in 1890 destroyed the west and south walls, the north and east still remain.

GPS: 52.272114, -7.438168

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