Dunnaman Court Tomb, Down, Ireland

Dunnaman Court Tomb, also known as Massford Court Tomb, lies just a few kilometres from Kilkeel in county Down. Although the court is no longer present the gallery is quite impressive, measuring 13 metres with four separate chambers roughly 1.5 metres in width. Dunnaman is orientated northeast to southwest. 10 stones line either side of the gallery with the chambers separated by jambs, it appears the walls are formed from massive split boulders, no mean feat. Its no wonder this tomb has also been known as the ‘Giants Grave’ however the amount of supposed giant’s graves in Ireland is telling of our love of folklore and myth !

I came across a Queen’s University Belfast study (2004) from when the information post near the tomb was being installed and an investigation was carried out around where it was to be placed. The short investigation found purposefully built stone voids below a top soil, lined with rocks. Further study found the possible roof stones of a souterrain or a chamber, but due to the limitations of the investigation, it was only to 55cm essentially the depth of the stand for the information board, the area was filled back in and the information board erected.

The tomb is easy to access, just down a lane beside a modern day graveyard.

GPS: 54.0685, -6.03255

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