Old Carbury Graveyard, Kildare, Ireland

The old graveyard and church at Carbury are only a stone’s throw from the recently featured Carbury Castle so it seemed only fitting to submit it here. The church at Carbury is believed to be a late medieval parish church, and considering only the west gable wall survives it had fallen out of use many centuries ago. Very little is known about the history of this church. The large 18th century mausoleum beside the church is dedicated to the Colley family who were the main creators of the layout and architectural style of castle ruin we see today. The Colleys had been given the land by Elizabeth I and were ancestors of the Dukes of Wellington. The graveyard is L shaped and is dotted with only a minor number of grave markers, most dating from the 18th and 19th century. Though sparse its certainly worth the short stroll over to the graveyard when visiting the castle.

GPS: 53.36077, -6.96893

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