Ballyrenan Portal Tombs, Tyrone, Ireland

The portal tombs at Ballyrenan, also known as the Cloghogle, are situated off a byroad of the main Newtownstewart to Drumquin route, and have spectacular views of the Sperrin Mountains. There are two portal tombs at Ballyrenan and some evidence of the cairn that would have at one time covered the tombs. The more complete of the two tombs has some unusual features, the first being the fact that it has two chambers and two capstones, it also it features a lintel that rests on the portal stones to support the capstone. The capstones also feature some cup marks and criss-crossed designs. The second tomb is almost complete bar its capstone. The monuments are aligned east to west and there is evidence of some lower set stones that could indicate parts of the cairn that would have enveloped the tomb The site was excavated in 1907 and a flint arrowhead and stone beads were found, further excavation in 1936 brought to light parts of four Neolithic pots, beads and worked flint. A charming and easily accessed site though it does seem to have vegetation that almost covers it at times over the past few years, thankfully being repeatedly cut back.

GPS: 54.69524, -7.42171

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