Our Lady of Good Health, Carcassonne, France

This small but quaint 15th century chapel stands on the new town side of Carcassonne’s fantastic 14th century bridge named ‘Le Pont Vieux’. The church known as Our Lady of Good Health/Notre Dame de la Santé was constructed in 1497 as it was situated near the city’s hospitals at the time. The section of the church that remains today is only part of what was a larger construction. In the 16th century the building had been extended down towards the River Aude and in the 18th century a vestry was built that over-hanged the river by six metres. During the French Revolution the chapel was sold by the state and turned into a house before being bought back by the local diocese in the mid 19th century, who then restored

GPS: 43.21038, 2.35812

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