Cahernorry Graveyard, Limerick, Ireland

The graveyard of Cahernorry began its ecclesiastical life in the 15th century when a church dedicated to St Nicholas was built in 1410, of this first church only one wall remains. The bell-tower that stands beside this wall dates from a much later Church of Ireland structure built in 1809, however much of this church was dismantled and rebuilt in Ballyneety in 1862. It is recorded that in the 18th century prior to the Church of Ireland structure a small timber chapel was used for mass services. The garvayeyard is dotted with markers that predate the C of I structure and also many graves from the 18th and 19th century, there are two fine mausoleums, peaked with obelisks, these are the family vaults of the Russells and Howleys, there is also another smaller mausoleum of the Shine family.

The ruins at Cahernorry are striking, beautifully positioned and somewhat eerie, with the remaining bell tower somewhat reminiscent of a witches’ hat. The church that was transferred 4 miles to Ballyneety has now been renovated and is used as a family home.

GPS: 52.61999, -8.55934

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